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About US

Crisis Entertainment is a video game startup currently operating in Bangladesh and Australia.
Presently it is trying to takeover gaming industry through disruptive innovation

Gamer's Choice

Our first priority is Gamer's choice. We have been researching this methodology and recent situation to make a pipline and set up a universe for our games which is really missing in recents game's genre.

Reliable services

The background powers of Crisis Entertainment Ltd. are only the people who are very passionate about this Industry . They have come with a long times of experince in Game Engineering and also marketing. So , this is our definitely a strong side.

Support For Streamers

Support For Streamers
Streamers Will get amazing prizes and Many Tournament will organize. Participate and win aristocratic prizes.

Annihilation is coming on Steam this year. Steam version will exclusively feature FPS mode. Which is slightly different from mobile versions.

Annihilation's Mobile version will be released on this december. At First It will launch as beta version.

If We find an average player base from PC and Mobile version we will release on console.Our Game project is universal, switching our project is a mere task of 1 hour. But Sony has strong policy and restrictions. So huge player base on other platforms can really boost our release on PlayStation.

As Like Playstation Microsoft has release and restriction policy.We will try as hard as can to release on Xbox too.